[50% Discount] Drone X Pro Review – Is it Still Worth it

If you are a traveler or Vlogger and you want to capture amazing shots of your journey. And show great recordings to the people. You must need a drone for amazing shots.

Here in this guide, we will do a quick Drone X Pro Review which helps either you should buy or not. There are many great features available in this drone.

When it comes to finding the best drone. It sucks to find a right and affordable drone for your shots. Nowadays quadcopter drones are very useful If you want to capture life adventures.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the price of the drone. Can you afford it? If not then you should find a cheaper one. But the cheaper has limited features.

The Drone X Pro is a best budget camera. The Drone X Pro price is almost 100 bucks.

Drone X Pro Review & Video Demonstration

Why Drone X Pro Is Good Option

Why do you need drone x pro review

If we talk about today world trends. One of the most growing and emerging trend is travel the world. Almost every person dream to travel the world. Those people who already travelling are sharing there travel journey experience through YouTube channel.

So let’s talk about why Drone X Pro is a good option for beginners or professionals as well. Because it is Light weight and easy to carry. You can easily put it in your pocket. The camera quality of the drone is great at that price point.

If we talk about Drones. There are plenty of options available you can choose from Some drones are very expensive and the middle-class families cannot afford it. So that’s why I pick the Drone X Pro which is cheap and gives you good output.

The Drone X Pro setup is easy for anyone. Any person easily setup this drone in less than 10 mins.

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Drone X Pro Features

Every digital product price varies on the features which is available in that product. The more features of the product have The more it is expensive. There are some features of this Drone which is given below.

Portability & Reliability

If we talk about the portability and reliability of this drone. The Drone comes with an attractive look and the drone is lightweight which is easy to carry anywhere. The drone is easily adjusted in your pockets. The size of the drone is equal to your palm when it is folded. So that’s why this drone is the best option for outdoor adventures.

When it comes to reliability. Almost thousands of people review it and there are tons of positive reviews which shows how reliable that product is and I am saying that because of positive reviews.

Foldable & Sleek Design

If we talk about the design of this drone. The design is quite great and attractive. The best part of this drone is you can easily fold it between frames with the help of holding body and propellers. The blades which are present in Drone X Pro are very flexible. That’s why you can easily carry it on outdoor adventures.

Camera Performance

Let’s discuss the most important feature of this drone which is the camera. This drone comes with 12 MegaPixels HD Camera. You can take pictures in HD resolution and the quality is quite good as well as you can record videos in 720P.

This camera can be a great option for wide-angle shots. The panoramic mode in this camera gives you the ability to click around 3600 images in one click which is really great feature of this drone.

Flight Time Or Battery Life

The battery is really important in every digital product either it is Mobile, Laptop, or Drone. But here we talk about the Drone X Pro battery life or the flight time. Drone X Pro has a decent and great flight timing compared to other pocket-sized drones.

Using this Drone, you can shoot a video for at least 10 minutes on a fully charged battery. When you charge the battery from 0% to 100% it takes almost 1 hour to charge the battery. But if this flight time is not enough for you. You can keep spare batteries.


You know stability of a camera or drone is really important. When it comes to Drone X Pro. It provides you great stabilization when you take shots. When you fly it in unstable conditions, it can easily maintain stability and provide you great output. 

Probably many of you think flying this drone is not easy. But I tell you something you don’t need any skills to fly this drone. It has all the necessary features which help you make your video outstanding and give you smooth experience.


When it comes to durability. Drone X Pro’s collapsible nature of propellers is highly durable. The exterior of the drone is pretty much strong which is not easy to break. Due to the lightweight of the drone when the drone falls it will not easily breakable. Because the drone is not that bulky like other drones.

At that price point when we compared this drone to others. I think this one has the great built quality and is highly durable.

Control Options

Drone X Pro Remote Control

When it comes to controlling options. You can easily control this drone using a remote control or as well as your smartphone.

Remote Control

You can use the remote control to fly drones whenever you are flying it in open space or you can easily see. Many people use it on open grounds and in those places where they easily find it. Because in remote control options you cannot see the location of the drone.

Smartphone Control

You can use the smartphone option to fly drones whenever you want to fly it in cities and in crowded places. The smartphone control option helps you whenever the drone falls. It gives you the drone location where it falls.

Additional Features

We already discuss some important features in the upper section. But I realize you find the additional features also helpful. So I include it here. Let’s see some additional features of this drone below.

Flying is easy

Many drones which are available today are not easy to fly and land. But when we talk about the Drone X Pro you can easily fly and land it in just pressing the key.

Size of the Drone

The drone model is believed to be the best pocket-sized drone available today. The size of the drone is quite great; you can easily put it in your pockets comfortably and take it anywhere.

LED Lights

When you fly drones at night time. You need LED’s to fly it in the dark. This feature is also available in this drone. This drone comes with 2 LEDs situated near to the camera which is really helpful when you want to record your shots in the dark.

Gyroscope Mode

The best feature of this drone is that you can control it using gyroscope mode in your smartphone. You just enable the gyroscope button on the mobile application. You can control the drone by just tilting the smartphone and control the drone position.

This mode works similarly to that when you play Asphalt Airborne game or some other games which support gyroscope mode in your smartphone.

You can also connect Drone X Pro to the virtual reality glasses which gives you an overwhelming experience when you control your drone.

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Range Of Drone X Pro

Range of drone x pro

The Drone X Pro flying range is good as compared to other pocket-sized drones. This drone flies at a radius of 80m. You will never experience any kind of distraction when you fly it in that radius. 

You can fly the drone without any fear that it drops somewhere or loses it. But when you look for good FPV speed it works well in under 50m radius.


This drone comes with great specifications at that price point as compared to other pocket-sized drones.

  • The drone comes with WI-FI FPV and uses 2.4 GHz.
  • It comes with 3.7V 500 mAh Lipo battery and this drone is best suitable for indoor and outdoor activities as well.
  • This drone is available in black color.
  • It has a micro SD card slot where your recordings are stored.
  • The Drone X Pro Battery provides you with a good backup. The charging time takes approx 70 mins when you charge it from 0% to 100%.
  • The gyroscope is 6-axis.
  • The flight time is approx 10 mins which are good as compared to other pocket-sized drones.
  • It can work well in 80 to 100 m distance without any disruption.
  • 50 m is the clear FPV distance.
  • This Drone X Pro App supports both IOS and Android.
  •  The drone comes with 2 LED Lights that are placed near to the camera.
  • The size of the drone is the same as the human palm size. When it is folded.
  • 5 x 16 x 7 cm is the package size.
  • 360 grams is the package weight.

What Is Available In Drone Box?

What Is Available In Drone Box - Drone X Pro Review
  • The drone comes with 4 propeller blades which are good when you crash your drone and you need new propeller blades.
  • A storage bag is great when you want to prevent your drone from collecting dust.
  • A USB cable to charge your drone.
  • A user manual (which probably I don’t read)
  • A 3.7V 500 mAh battery.

Why do you Need this Drone?

Whether you are a filmmaker, photographer, traveler, or adventure lover or a tech geek, You will find the Drone X Pro is an incredible product to fulfill your needs.

In this review, I tell you all about that product. I don’t want anyone to spend their money on the crap products. I review this product because I find it useful and that’s why you should consider buying one for yourself. Because it is really worth it.

This drone is a newer version of the previous model. It has many features which is not available in previous version due to these new features it enhances the performance of this drone to the next level.

It comes with 2 joysticks remote control for directing the Drone X Pro. You can also use your smartphone to operate it using gyroscope mode.

You can also check the recordings when you fly the drone, in your smartphone.

This product is produced by a brand that is well recognized in the industry. This drone is the best and cheaper option for anyone who cannot afford other expensive drones of other brands. This drone comes with great features at that cost as compared to other brand drones.

This drone has a great flight time which is about 10 minutes. The Drone X Pro gives more flight time as compared to other pocket-sized drones. It has 19 m/s speed, This drone provides you an opportunity to cover larger areas in a short amount of time.

The Drone X Pro weight is very light as compared to other drones. The drone weight is 85g and the drone is easily foldable. It has some great features that other drones don’t have; it has an auto lift-off and landing option. You just need to push the power button to lift-off and land on its own.

The drone can carry impressive and outstanding 360-degree loops with a 120 frame-per-second rate, You can also change the video captured by Drone X Pro into slow motion.

Where to Purchase it?

If you are trying to buy this drone from the online market. You can buy this drone through their manufacturer website. I am suggesting the manufacturer website because they are currently offering a 50% discount on each product you buy. What you will do you might have to hurry to get benefit from this amazing discount as soon as possible.

Drone X Pro was created by two germans. They find that other drones are too heavy and bulky to carry when going outside and cannot fit in your pocket which gives encouragement to create this amazing drone and also include the features that heavy and bulky drones have as I already discuss the drone size is the same as your smartphone. And anyone can operate it easily.

If you are trying to take impressive shots whether you are taking it outdoors or indoors, The Drone X Pro might be a great choice for any camera person. Who wants to explore things outside. Professionals also say the Drone X Pro might change the industry for good as well.


If you are a beginner in drone flying. This drone might be a great choice for you. If you plan to capture simple shots and videos, then you should choose this one. Because it is easy to use and anyone can operate it without having drone flying skills thanks to its one push-button land and take-off feature.

If we do a comparison with other drones. This one has better features and also a better camera. Other drones provide you a 30m range while the Drone X Pro provides you 50m distance. You can use its remote control or also you can use your smartphone to control the drone. You can easily put it in your pocket.

Quadcopter drones are more popular day by day. The drones are very valuable for professional videographers or a traveler as well. Due to the increasing trend of drones, many companies manufactured their drone and there are many drones available in the markets now. But finding the best drone is quite challenging. So that’s why we do a quick Drone X Pro Review. And I hope you guys find it very useful.